I have always loved the outdoors.


As a kid, i was always happier being outside instead of watching the TV or playing video games.. I was always out playing sport, or wandering the bushland with mates or riding motorbikes before being old enough to drive; just generally running a muck outside.

Then as i grew older I discovered the all-consuming and incredibly fulfilling lifestyle pursuits of surfing and snowboarding.  A potent love affair between the three of us quickly bloomed.. Soon enough i grew to the age of independence and discovered the joy of roaming free, travelling and exploring this amazing planet that we are lucky enough to live on.

As can be expected for a surfer/snowboarder, my overseas travels were mostly always in pursuit of surf and snow and so i was constantly finding myself arriving at some incredibly beautiful places... like finding glassy green waves peeling away onto empty shorelines at dawn, finding waves that seemingly could only be so perfect for the sole reason of gifting the surfers, those lucky few that are in the ocean at that time, on that day, in that place.. 

Or those feelings of satisfaction and awe that come after hiking up to a snow-capped summit, away from everybody else, on the first blue-sky day after a fresh snowfall; with no wind, being able to sunbake topless while having lunch at 2000m above sea level, then carving fresh tracks through light powder all the way back down. . such blissful moments of human existence spent amid such beautiful natural surroundings!

Or even just simply loading up a backpack with the essentials (plus camera gear) and hiking off into the wilderness for a few days of alone time, surrounded by looming granite peaks, thick bushland and sparkling lakes that are fed by gushing waterfalls and meandering rivers, drinking pure water from the streams and sucking in some of the cleanest air on the planet.

For me that's what its all about; its those kind of experiences in amazing natural places that inspired me to start taking photographs; I simply felt the desire to capture these stunning landscapes and share them with those that care; and of course, I can always reflect upon them to jog my own fading memory in the years to come! Growing up in Tasmania offered me access to a landscape that is so diverse yet compact, so wild and largely unspoiled by Humans, these kinds of places are sadly becoming fewer and fewer.

As my photography has developed over the years and my knowledge of this diverse island has become better informed, I am now leaning towards trying to use my images of Tasmania to help strengthen the push for its conservation. Many beautiful areas of Tassie are are under constant pressure from development and/or industry, with mining and logging already playing a huge role in destroying some of these ancient landscapes, places that have been perfect for billions of years are now being physically destroyed by the decisions of this current generation. I wouldnt say that im a passionate 'activist' nor hardcore 'greenie', but i do recognise that short-term cash grabs from big industry have and will continue to destroy these ancient areas of wilderness forever, unless we make a stand for their protection. Or at least try. As a member of this generation, i wish to do whatever i can to help preserve these special place. I have been a keen contributor to the 'Tarkine In Motion' project since it was started by Dan Broun and Jenny Weber back in 2015; its a diverse annual arts collaborative that takes inspiration from physical immersion in the Tarkine, with the artworks created being used to raise awareness of its precious and vulnerable qualities, in order to gain momentum during the lobby for National Parks protection. 

Being granted National Park status (or being added the the TWWHA) would ensure that the Tarkine wilderness remains safe from further degradation and kept as pristine as possible for future generations to enjoy. We can only but try. This is happening on our watch. We are all the current custodians of these wild places.

Thanks for reading, i hope you've enjoyed browsing my work and that you found a piece of Tassie wilderness that you'd like to see hanging on your own walls. 


AL :)



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