misty dawn over Oberon

West Arthur range, Tasmania, Dec 2015

01/04/2016 6:14:00 pm

In the spirit of keeping typing to a minimum (because im a slow typist) i'll only be sharing short sharp recollections from this hike, rather than a full recount of my many footsteps.

The Arthurs are no walk in the park. for those that arent familiar with this range, the Arthurs are located in southwest Tasmania and are home to arguably the most difficult 'on-track' hike in the country. I underwent a solo mission into the Arthurs to immerse myself in the silence and isolation found in the deep wilds of Tasmania. To follow in the footsteps of a few former Tasmanians that i respect and admire. To see for myself how the Earth would have looked about 1million years ago. . to connect with the landscape and pay homage to those that came before me and to whisper my prayers for this places eternal future protection from Humanisation.

  • Look closely and you'll see a dinosaur.. that's what it felt like. Its an incredible feeling to be so alone in todays crowded world.
a fine day in the southwest
  • The all consuming view as you descend into Lake Oberon.
Arthurs to Federation
  • The view looking East towards Federation Peak in the Arthurs
Lake Cygnus
  • Lake Cygnus, home to the first campsite atop the range
evening calm on lake Oberon
hiking in the arthurs-20

No more typing because ive grown tired of it. ! Just pics from here on.

My time spent in the Arthurs was only hampered by a chest infection that i carried all the way in and out, which then later turned into pneumonia and i ended up bed ridden for days after this hike.... (so dont do extreme physical activities whilst you are unwell kiddies! ) Not ideal conditions, but this was a hike that i had been planning for a long time, which was gnawing away at my soul, and i wasnt prepared to let a 'niggling cough' cancel the trip. !

So, all things considered, i was pretty pleased with my achievement in actually hiking the Arthurs alone and in poor health. !!

I hope you enjoy these images, i loved being out there capturing them.

misty dawn over Oberon
  • early morning climbs

Aurora over Lake Oberon
  • A cheeky little Aurora decided to show up.. :)
A capella
World Heritage is Forever
  • Lake Oberon
natures ampitheatre
old growth
  • A grand old lady of the southwest
the beach at cygnus-1
  • Heaven on Earth
misty mountain hop
square lake Procyon peak
Mt Sirius over Oberon