The Artists Pool

Beyond Cradle Mountain

04/10/2015 9:34:00 am

Beyond Cradle

Ive been very lucky to experience some great weather conditions on these little pre-planned weekend hikes; which is pretty lucky given Tasmanias frequently changing, fast moving weather patterns.

This trip beyond the famous peaks of Cradle Mountain was no exception to my lucky streak. Perfect blue skies, light breezes, temps around 16-18, beaut conditions for hiking. The plan is to walk up and over Hansons Peak, through the Twisted Lakes and on to Lake Rodway, with a return route via Lake Hanson.

In an effort to keep this eventful trip to a minimum of typing, i'll just post images of the highlights with a few words to accompany each pic..

Little Horn and Lake Wilks
twisted cradle

Arvo gold on the Cradle and Lake Wilks, and a pano showing part of the Twisted Lakes.

Utopia Pano

Cradle Mountain and Twisted Lakes looking resplendent in the last light of day.. she's getting dressed up in her blue dress before a big night out.

Her Majesty

Cradle from the south Eastern side. Weindorfers Tower and Little Horn, during the middle of the day under blue skies and early morning light the next day across Flynns Tarn.

First Light Across Flynns Tarn
The Artists Pool

Saved the best til last; Its my favourite image from that trip; a fave for a few reasons, so here's a little recount of how this image came to be:

"Pictured here is small Tarn known as The Artists Pool, with Little Horn Peak in the background. As a photographer, this particular moment was a true test of my patience...
During the hike out to Lake Rodway, i came across this location which i had seen in images before and i was hoping to have the opportunity to capture something special from this cute little scene.
The days weather was forecast to be fine, but all morning the persistent covering of clouds/fog had refused to clear up.. Upon reaching this location the light was very flat and grey, with little to work with in the way of capturing an interesting photo. But, i was there, and i wanted to capture something nice from this spot. So i found my composition and set up the camera gear and waited... and waited... and waited. I passed the time by exploring my surroundings, just hoping for the weather to start clearing up, never straying too far from my camera on its tripod.
After about 2 hrs of watching and waiting, and almost giving up, i noticed the light level suddenly came up a bit and i spotted a small patch of sunlight creeping its way across the landscape towards where i was waiting. And then it happened; the beam of light swept across the peak and onto the tarn, and i quickly fired off this 6 shot panorama. About 5 secs after id fired the last frame, the gap in the clouds moved away, taking away that gorgeous light as it went. Then it was back to flat greyness. .

Must say i was grinning as i packed up the tripod and put my camera away to keep on hiking.

Rather than just capture a scene, i waited at the scene and captured a moment.