Cape Hauy-11

Cape Hauy

01/04/2016 5:32:00 pm

A quick weekend hike out to Cape Hauy, on the Tasman Peninsula, southeast Tasmania.

With the weather forecast to be fine, i decided to stay the night out on the tip of the cape, carrying only a sleeping bag, a blue tarpaulin and a few cans of beer as my creature comforts. I hadn't "camped" out at Cape Hauy before, but I had the understanding that there wasn't much room for a tent. Turns out my beliefs were well founded. The only patch of suitable ground i found out on the cape was just big enough to accommodate my rather lean frame.

So i spent the night under my tarp-tent, strung low to the ground and tied off to weather beaten low shrubbery, with a tripod as the centre pole to tension the cover and give it pitch. So much good. :)

Cape Hauy-21
Cape Hauy-17

The evening went into a rather pleasant, still, grey cloudy mood as i carefully picked my way around the cliffs looking for an angle. At one point i had a minor stumble and was catching my balance right next to a 50 foot cliff. Quite a shocking way to promote stability in ones step.

Cape Hauy-11
Cape Hauy-23

A succesful little outing to clamber about on top of the most extreme sea cliffs in the country. I love Tassie.