Wild Tasmania (2017)


A collection of timelapse scenes gathered from numerous recent journeys into the wilds of Tasmania.

The musical score features a composition from a Russian producer named Segey Cheremisinov.





Dark MOFO (2015)

A collection of vision and sound that i captured from this years Dark MOFO in Hobart. Featured are a few of the art installations including Anthony Mcalls haunting 'Solid Light Works' and the very unique 'Fire Organ' from Bastiaan Maris. Turn up the sound! 



Japan - snow mission (2016)

A quick mid-winter trip to the land of the rising sun; Nozawa Onsen, then on to Hakuba. A little Tokyo thrown in for good measure.

The track is a favourite of mine, its called "Travla" and it comes courtesy of a fellow Tasmanian that goes by the name of Swaze (Alex Harvey)




Good Heavens (2015)

So, where is Heaven anyways..?  

A collection of scenes captured during 2014. Sound is a little ditty called "Solar Gain" played on glockenspiel and xylophone by Podington Bear.




Tasmania -Timescapes

A short clip, comprising some of my favourite timelapse scenes to date, from around Tasmania.  

Produced by alanlongphoto, Music is a track called "Global Reach" by Mark Petrie.




Dark MOFO - "Articulated Intersect" (2014)

A timelapse clip that is focussed on Rafael Lozarno-Hemmers large-scale interactive art installation on Hobarts waterfront, that consisted of numerous clusters of large searchlights, which could be controlled and directed by members of the public. It was all part of the Dark MOFO gig; a brainchild of the MONA museum founder David Walsh, Dark MOFO is a Winter extravaganza of art, food, and music, designed to bring Hobart out of its winter hibernation.  

Produced by alanlongphoto, Music is "Delorian Dynamite" by Todd Terje   




Head In The Clouds - (2014)

A compilation of approx 2yrs worth of shooting timelapse scenes. As you can probably guess by now, i dont yet have children and i possibly spend too much time with my camera.

Hundreds of thousands of frames, all compressed down into crispy scenes, for your viewing pleasure.

Produced by AlanLongPhoto; music is a track from Kruder&Dorfmeister, called 'High Noon.' 



-Timescapes (2013)

Another mash-up of beautiful Tassie scenery mixed with tunes.

This time its Beck providing the beats with a track called 'Broken Train'.




-Timescapes  (2012)

 My first production whilst learning the ropes of Timelapse. The planting of the seed. The birth of a monster.

The super-cruisy track is by AIR. 



-Gone Fishin' (2014)

 The boys went Tuna Fishin'.. we took Dad along too. He gets his own special cameo toward the end of the video.. : )

Make sure the sound is up, the song is great and The Old Man makes a few good noises too. 


Music is a track called 'Down' by 'The Kooks'.